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Europa Components Returns Criteria
These terms relate to all returns to Europa Components including, but not exclusive to:

Returned goods

• Stock cleanse

• Warranty claims / faulty whilst under warranty

• Items no longer required by customer / special builds

• Delivery error / POD requests

Additional services

• External courier / delivery methods query

• Europa personally delivered product

Please note all requests to return must include the invoice number that relates to individual parts. Europa will not accept any return at any time without an authorisation number (RMA number) as issued by Europa’s customer services, clearly displayed on the external packaging of the item returned.

Failure to do so will result in the package(s) being rejected and returned before entering Europa’s goods received process. 

In order to obtain an RMA number please contact:

Warranty Claims:

All warranty claims are as per the quality statement included within section 4 of Europa TOB’s.

Warranty exists for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery from Europa to our customer or specified address, not delivery to possible end user by our customer.

Items no longer required (NLR) / Stock Cleanse:

Europa Components will only accept a stock cleanse / NLR following a full investigation with the customer and the provision of the relevant order and invoice numbers.

In the event that items purchased by the customer are no longer required, Europa will accept returns from the date of delivery up to a maximum of 12 months as a “NLR”. 

Items “NLR” are subject to the RMA process, and require an RMA authorisation number from Europa prior to return, any goods returned without this will be rejected and returned to the sender at their own cost within 5 working days.

All items “NLR” are subject to the returns compensation criteria listed below.

Returns Compensation Requirements:

Once the above criteria have been met the following general conditions may be utilised as detailed in our standard terms and conditions 4.2 (c):

• A minimum 25% handling charge on returned goods based on the original order cost providing it is over £25. 


• A 2 for 1 replacement order (A minimum of £125) based on the value to be returned (Items supplied will be confirmed by Europa)

25% handling charge:

Based on original invoiced prices; deducted from any applicable payment within the period; an alternative 40% charge will be levied for items returned which require re-boxing /reworking

2 for 1 replacement order:

Minimum criteria to qualify is £125 carriage paid; follow up order (If cancelled) will incur a 50% charge of second order placed. The credit will be applied against the replacement order value so will not be issued until the replacement order has been fully invoiced.  The compensating order will be released once we have received the unwanted goods back and a full inspection has been completed.

Special build or bespoke items:

Europa Components cannot accept returns of bespoke or special build items as they are manufactured for specifically for unique applications and / or installations.

Delivery Error / POD:

All delivery errors must be notified in writing (Not verbally) to Europa customer services within 10 working days, otherwise the discrepancy is classed as rejected. 
In the event that an item is delivered to the incorrect location, is the wrong item etc, Europa will arrange collection/disposal of the goods at its own expense. 

POD requests are classed as information update/service updates and as such do not form part of a return reason for invoice query or withholding of payment.

Terms Statement:

The customer agrees that by placing an order with Europa they acknowledge and fully accept our above returns criteria and will not deviate from these without written consent from a Europa Board Director.